How to Download a Video from Facebook

How to Download a Video from Facebook, If you are a Facebook user, you may like to read people's posts whether text, photos, or videos. It is very interesting to open Facebook because you can find so much information and entertainment. Many people like to download videos from Facebook because it can be interesting entertainment. Not only as entertainment, but videos from Facebook usually can be reposted by using other social media such as Instagram or WhatsApp. If you want to get Facebook videos, you need to know about how to download a video from Facebook. 

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If you still do not know about how to download a video from Facebook you may feel lazy to download the video. Something that you have to do what you want to download video is learning about the way. Without learning you will never know about many things even only to download videos from social media.

Here are some steps that you can do to get your favorite video from Facebook. Follow the steps below and you will get your video immediately. 

Login to your Facebook 

The first step that you need to do is enter your Facebook account. You cannot access your Facebook if does not have Facebook account. You use your username or email address and also your password. After that, you can log in by clicking the option. 

Find your Video 

After you open your Facebook account you can school and find your favorite videos from Facebook. You may like to download the video from your friends on Facebook so you need to click your Facebook friend's name. And then you can search the video and make sure the video is for the public. 

Make Sure that Video is Downloadable 

It is important for you to make sure that the video is public, so you can download the video easily. Try to find the globe icon from the video and if you find that it is for the public you can download it by using the compatible tool. 

Next, you can continue by click to the video menu. It is usually can be found at the side of the video, and the information about some options will appear. 

Then you need to find the option Show URL address" and click it. You will find the video Url address. Url address or video's link should be copied. 

Download your Video 

After you ger the URL address, you can continue to open your website browser from your computer or from your smartphone. Open the website or enter to 

From this page, you can download your video by entering the video's link from Facebook. Paste the link and you can click the download option that appears on this page. Your video will be downloaded immediately in this way. Save your video with the highest quality or the lower quality. You can watch the video any time you want because it has been downloaded. 

After you know about how to how to download a video from Facebook, Now you can start to find your favorite videos from Facebook.